Choices decide your fate

Your first step in the game will be to pick a Warband from classic Warbands (Reikland Mercenaries, the ninja like rat specie of the Skaven clan Eshin, the corrupted Cult of the Possessed and the all-female warband of the Sisters of Sigmar). Then, configuring your Warband by selecting a mix of classes and attributes will allow you to tweak it to whatever play-style you choose. You could maybe need a band specialized in range combat, melee combat or have a balanced strategy!

More than the choice of every unit composing your roster, the choice of the warband itself will be decisive. Each warband has got their own strengths and weaknesses, so do not underestimate the importance of getting prepared before you get through the streets of Mordheim.

A truly dynamic turn based world to explore and conquer

Unlike many traditional turn-based tactical games, Mordheim features an intuitive initiative ladder, which controls the order by which units will be able to act, depending on their initiative ratio. Turns are not taken in their entirety team by team, so much as through the initiative ladder per unit, dictated by the amount of initiative points each unit have.

Units initiative points are determined in part by the unit type, how you configure them (weapons, armors and skill points investments...) and are affected by certain stances they can take on the battlefield. For instance, a swiftly configured Skaven will have the initiative ratio required to get a head start on the initiative ladder, to the detriment of their strength, or toughness.

The initiative ladder system allows you to strategically alter yours and your opponents position on the ladder using one of many skills, such as changing your stance, or tossing out a dirty trick.

In Mordheim, your units are not fixed to a grid. Take control of your units to explore the map, searching for Wyrdstones and enemies, with more freedom than any tactical game out there.

Manage, customize and hire mercenaries to fight merciless battles!

Recruit new units, equip them with better gear and customize your squad in order to have the most optimized tactics. Use the experience points you've won in the battlefield to improve your mercenaries. Form your perfect warband by handpicking each unit. Make your strategy your best ally and use every unit's skills to perfection. But proceed carefully though, if some units are being put out of action, they might lose a limb or even die. Keep in mind that in Mordheim: City of the Damned, a dead unit is lost forever!

Exploit tactical approaches in varied and strategically designed maps

Explore each corner of the legendary city. Unveil its treasures and put your hands on powerful artefacts. Take advantage of building structures, ruins and back alleys to give your troops a step ahead. While the procedural maps will ensure your multiplayer games incredible variety, you'll enjoy discovering passionately crafted iconic locations of the city like the Temple of Sigmar. Set up ambushes to spread apart the enemy forces or focus your fire power on the most deadly target in your opponent's crew to claim the victory! Setting up a flawless strategy is almost as important as having some luck during the battle's key moments.

Do you have what it takes to relentlessly harvest the mysterious Wyrdstones whilst avoiding the dangers of one of the most risky place in the entire Warhammer World?