Human Mercenaries from the Empire (Order)

The province of Reikland lies at the heart of the Empire and is a land long renowned for the discipline and loyalty of its people. Warriors drawn into the service of Reikland are held to a high standard of professionalism, eschewing the flamboyance of other provinces. For a Reiklander, sturdy armour and a reliable sword are more precious than silks and jewelled vestments. Grand Prince Siegfried of Reikland claims the vacant Imperial throne for himself, and the warriors of his land will do their utmost to see him crowned Emperor. Even if they arent above making some coin for themselves in the process. A Reiklander is always pragmatic.

Skaven Clan Eshin (Chaos)

The Skaven of Clan Eshin are accomplished masters of stealth and murder. Long ago they learned the art of assassination in distant lands. Now they are among the most feared of the Great Clans of the Under-Empire. These silent killers serve as the eyes and ears of Skavendom, infiltrating the realms of other races and spying upon them from the shadows. Striking from ambush, utterly without mercy and honour, endowed with a ferocious speed and viciousness far in excess of any human, the Skaven are hideous foes. The chance to increase their own prestige inside the clan makes the warbands infesting Mordheim even more ruthless and dangerous.

Sisters of Sigmar (Order)

The Rock lies in the middle of the River Stir in the southern part of Mordheim. More fortress than convent, the Rock has survived the devastation wrought by the comet and provided a refuge for the Sisters of Sigmar. Branded witches and worse by the broader Cult of Sigmar because of their miraculous deliverance, the Sisters maintain a fervent devotion to their god. They seek to prove themselves and redeem their order by cleansing Mordheim of the many evils that beset it and locking away the tainted wyrdstone where its corruption cannot spread. Armed with faith and warhammer, the Sisters stand ready to oppose all who would defy them.

Cult of the Possessed (Chaos)

Mordheim has become a lawless, blighted place, far from the authority of temples and noble lords. The malignant clutch of Chaos hangs heavy over the ruins, changing those too desperate or too stubborn to leave, drawing to it creatures already twisted by mutation and corruption. Groups of these degenerates and mutants gather together into the Cults of the Possessed, seeking to gain the favour of the Shadowlord by returning the wyrdstone to the Pit and slaughtering all those they find trespassing upon their masters domain the City of the Damned. The inhuman, the subhuman and the nonhuman all gathered into the dark embrace of madness.